Provide expertly crafted solutions spanning each phase of the mortgage loan cycle.

Our tech digital driven solutions help mortgage companies transform into digital-first organizations, improving agility, accelerating loan cycle times, and a satisfactory borrower experience. Backed by expert and tech delivery capabilities with the most comprehensive set of mortgage qualification credentials, our team of professionals delivers outstanding domain expertise across the mortgage lifecycle. 

IT Analytix combines end-to-end mortgage loan services with industry best practices and technology-based tools to create a holistic lending ecosystem that can effortlessly scale with business requirements and adapt to changing market conditions.

Ability to seamlessly scale using loan operating systems to handle higher loan
Unprecedented levels of efficiency, speed and quality across the mortgage lifecycle.
Reduced cycle times and costs.
Enhanced customer experiences.

Being market leaders in mortgage solutions, IT Analytix’s team of experts adopted a phased approach to solution implementation from loan origination to closing. To start, we perform a detailed assessment and define critical touch points to maintain adherence to state, underwriter and business guidelines. We then break the tasks down to ensure right fit skills and established an escalation process. In addition, we enable physical document management. Lastly, we have a hybrid delivery model to enable round-the-clock processing, multiple quality control checkpoints, and customer-centric service.

Origination – As financial institutions face challenges due to COVID, sticking to business-as-usual practices makes it so challenging to attract and retain customers. Empowering customers with a user-friendly and seamless customer experience across transactions, such as account opening and mortgage applications, is crucial to building and sustaining long-term relationships.

Our digitally enabled Origination Services, backed by their customer centric approach, span Mortgage, Management and Sales Conversion – accelerating cycle time, driving efficiencies, reducing costs, and boosting customer satisfaction, acquisition and retention.

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